Player Manual

How to play

  1. Look at what different tiles supply and demand by moving the cursor around and pressing ‘I’.
  2. Pick two cities that each have at least 2 city or 4 village tiles. Ideally, the cities should be 10-20 tiles apart.
  3. Build track between the cities (by using the number pad keys with num lock on or by dragging the mouse).
  4. Build stations at each of the cities (press F8). Make sure the station radius surrounds most of the city tiles.
  5. Build a train (press F7). Don’t add any wagons (they will be selected automatically).

Game controls

On the map view

  • Build Track: Mouse or number pad with Num Lock down
  • Move Cursor: Hold [control] and use Arrow Keys
  • Call Broker: ‘M’
  • Save Game: [control] + ‘S’
  • Load Game: [control] + ‘L’
  • Build Station: ‘F8’ (on existing track)
  • Build Train: ‘F7’ (after building a station)
  • Terrain Info: ‘I’
  • Build industry: ‘B’

On the train orders screen

  • Goto Station: ‘G’
  • Change station: ‘S’
  • Automatic schedule: ‘A’
  • Remove station: ‘Delete’
  • Toggle wait until full: ‘W’
  • Remove last wagon: ‘Back space’
  • Add station: ‘N’
  • Set priority orders: ‘O’

On the select station screen

  • Change selection: Mouse over or number pad
  • Accept selection: Click mouse or ‘Enter’